What is Whole Body Fat Assessment?

The Whole Body Composition Test, or DEXA scan, provides an accurate, in-depth body composition analysis of your fat, muscle, bone and water mass. This can be used to identify health risks and pinpoint problems in the body before they occur.

The Whole Body Composition Test will show your visceral fat. Visceral fat surrounds your organs and can be linked to metabolic disturbances, such as breast cancer, cardiovascular disease and Type 2 diabetes. These chronic conditions are influenced by genetics and hormones and can also be linked to higher cholesterol and insulin resistance.

The test will also show the exact location of your lean muscle mass. Evaluating and improving lean muscle mass is important for preventing osteoporosis, pathological conditions and chronic diseases.

Knowing your percentage of overall fat, including the visceral fat, and muscle mass can:

  • Help you to understand what dietary changes need to be added and/or removed from your lifestyle.
  • Allow you to target specific areas of your body through exercise to increase muscle mass.
  • Guide you and your healthcare providers in creating a healthy lifestyle plan designed just for you.Please note: This test requires a physician order